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Book Creation

It starts small, like a seed planted on a page. It grows a word at a time, then sentence, paragraph, pages at a time.

At first it is hard to tell if there is much to it. It is a creative possibility that is trying to take hold. It experiments, goes in a few directions growing at its own pace. There is a form, but its taking the nutrients needed to actually build a story.

Then you hear it. The character voices that echo outside the piece. Or maybe the last five pages were written with such fervor that you barely recognize your own voice. In fact, the story captures your attention as small details come to play. There is that faintest of heartbeats that inspires all sorts of fervor.

Creative incubation madness is what I will call it. This is when the daydreams become visions, when you fiddle more with cover design and social media aspects. Or maybe you stock up on an additional shelf of notebooks, binders, writing guides, and motivational objects.

The madness is the goal-setting and aspiration phase where... let's face it, will not quite be the reality. But you just believe in it, can see the possibilities even with the inherent flaws of your handiwork.

I am finally at the point where I can firmly say, that this small idea of longing and fantasy, has grown beyond a few quick scenes, developing characters in a way that quickens the blood. I see life where there once was none, and am close enough to a point to say "This, this will be my legacy."

And I will fucking mean it.

Join me as I bring this piece of fiction to life.

Please meet: Dylas, Rowena, and Kerinin.

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