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Leveling Up in Your Appearance

There is magic in the phrase: just get it done.

If you are like me, there is a plethora of hobbies, projects, thoughts, plans, stories, and other items that are sitting on the backburner. But what happens when all the burners are full; sink and counters filled with every variation of silverware and cookware; the table and kitchen island covered in prepping items.

There is an overwhelming mountain range that is best accomplished one bit at a time. You gotta break it down to small goals, then make smaller ones within that. The silverware is easier to clean and put away than the stainless skillet. Perhaps you do all spoons; finish the last few bracelets you were crafting first.

Or even better, let the desire for a goal burn through you to finish that one thing you have been sitting on for ages.

And thus this website was born. I loved using Blogger for a long time, but there just was not the engagement that I wanted/needed. From here, at The Enchantress' Domain, I can weave you tales and advice, as well as promote my upcoming projects and events.

I am very excited for this shift and I hope you will join me in this new chapter!

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